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  1. Normal Maps
  2. Inverting Y-axis in Maya's High Quality Rendering
  3. General Skinning Tips...
  4. 2 pass shadow example in Max9 (simple shadow)
  5. Eric Pierce, Infinity Ward's CoD4 Rigging Tools
  6. Tactile or Slider rigs
  7. Shadows in Max 2009
  8. Max AO in enclosed space
  9. Real-Time Cloth
  10. Bit packing
  11. CubeMap samplers in Max 2009
  12. Facial Rigging in MGS4
  13. Help: Rigging Mechanical Character
  14. ue3 normal smoothing
  15. XSI_ice graph for rigging
  16. XSI's ICE Tool
  17. Dual Quaternion
  18. Referencing rigs?
  19. Reference Books...
  20. Retargeting Blog
  21. Math & Physics for Technicl guys.
  22. Rigging shadow proxies?
  23. Good *books* on shaders?
  24. Problems with transforms
  25. How do you author state blend switching?
  26. UVW Xform Map
  27. Facial-Capture rigging and animation.
  28. Max... bones vs. biped. vs geom. vs helpers
  29. Ninja Gaiden Facial from XSI
  30. Looking for a very Sr. Rendering / Graphics Engineer
  31. Profiling strategies
  32. Anyone using CAT in production?
  33. Rigging hierarchy questions
  34. Vector Coupled Kinematics?
  35. Car rig secondary motions and dynamics
  36. Cinematic motion blur and it's cost,
  37. automated skinning in 3ds MAX ?
  38. Learning RTT : Render to texture
  39. Maya BVH Plugin
  40. How to develop a LUT for my specific needs?
  41. Ue3 Shader( to mimic sf4)
  42. Making Rendermonkey .fx export SAS (Microsoft) compliant
  43. How to convert high version Charactor Studio to low version?
  44. Weapon Effects - wip
  45. Puppetshop now FREE!?
  46. mental mill shader not displaying correctly xsi
  47. Free Maya Plugins - Shoulder Constraint & Hip Constraint
  48. height -> normal pixel shading
  49. 3DSmax Skinning, converting several Skin Modifier to One,
  50. 3DS Max, DirectX Material, and depth maps
  51. realtime spring behaviour in maya
  52. Lets get visual - recent r&d...
  53. rigging cartoony eyes for game engine (bones only!)
  54. Max to Maya Pipeline Issues
  55. Increasing Bounding Box Size in Max
  56. HSL and DDS
  57. Maya: Baking just texture color to vertex color
  58. hand and finger range of motion videos rigging reference
  59. position Biped bones in world space?
  60. Basic question on Maya shading networks
  61. CUDA rendering solutions Maya?
  62. Specular through surface shader bug
  63. texture driven uv rotation
  64. Naughty Dog is Hiring!! Lighting Artists for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  65. Naughty Dog is Hiring!! Senior Rigger/Character TD for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  66. Generate "normal noise"
  67. Modular Procedural Rigging Presentation for Download
  68. Mental Mill UV Sets and Max
  69. Fix MAX world normals in .fx shader?
  70. Mixing tangent space normal maps
  71. Catching zeroed tangents/binormals
  72. My first HLSL shader - messed up UVs
  73. Non Uniform Scale in a runtime Engine
  74. HLSL - Animated texture shader
  75. Saving 1D Textures
  76. 3dsmax: baking into vertex alpha channel?
  77. Texture processing on the GPU
  78. Painting a "flow" normalmap?
  79. Unreal Editor 3 Contour Shader
  80. Accessing Skin data
  81. Moss / Snow / Dust shader - deferred
  82. 3dsmax 2010 ssao in .fx
  83. Modular Procedural Rigging Questions
  84. Particle and Shader Effects on Collisions (UE3)
  85. Spectral Diffraction
  86. HLSL CGFX shader editors?
  87. New Rigging Demo Reel
  88. Blur an image in UnrealEd (UE3) via expressions,
  89. undo on skinOps in max?
  90. postSolve method MayaSolverNode
  91. Odd problem in MaxScript
  92. maya skinning - limit max influences
  93. Tutorial: Deposit shader in MentalMill
  94. Is dds image file format a lot faster for cgfx shaders?
  95. Resize a biped or rig in 3dsmax
  96. Subsurface Scattering From GLSL to Unreal Material
  97. xbox 360 - particles fade to red-ish
  98. UE3 - UV-Based Material Manip. (It Continues)
  99. Max Splines as Bones ActorX Export Problem
  100. Linger in Shadows, Fur Shader?
  101. MPolygons/ Second calculation?
  102. Tutorial: UI element shaders in ShaderFX
  103. Reflecting a cubemap vs reflecting a 2d image vs specular hightlights,
  104. Physics driven secondary animation
  105. Motion Capture
  106. Scripting a simple dynamics constraint based solver?
  107. why does this .fx shader not work with a newer vid card?
  108. "SemiToon": Shader Portfolio Piece, could use a critique.
  109. Does anyone have a Skin Data Set I can use?
  110. Need help with this random task.
  111. Alpha vs polygons?
  112. maya nParticle instance rotation baking (I promise not the same old boring stuff)
  113. 2d placement nodes in HLSL shaders
  114. [Trivial] Distance between 2 objects in Max
  115. Maya 2009 Baking with Mental Ray
  116. Bone not doing as it's told
  117. What is tools/pipeline?
  118. Help Finding Models
  119. Maya 2009: Light emitting mesh?
  120. Realflow to image sequence for ingame use
  121. Blend shapes Lagging
  122. Unity Shader-problem: Alpha + Lightmap
  123. Displacing Bones with morphing Geometry
  124. Using Photoshop to Extract HS from V
  125. Merging Verts after skin.
  126. Anyone know how i can get my hands on the ue 3.5 toolkit?
  127. Auto clavicle setup
  128. A DX9 shader problem in 3dsMax
  129. White outline on HLSL in Maya
  130. Reloading FX shaders in 3dsmax?
  131. Particle system for TankWars prototype
  132. Why we calculate hallf Vaector for blinn shading
  133. BonesPro Comeback
  134. Problems switching FK/IK
  135. Scale down, rigged mesh (through .FBX exporter)
  136. Max 2010, DirectX FX Shaders, and Include Paths
  137. "Advanced" Shader Fiddling?
  138. Monster Truck Car Rigging Help
  139. Swivel angle 3DS Max
  140. Facial Expressions
  141. Muscle Study
  142. Thickness map for absorption?
  143. Debug character rig performance
  144. Using PSD's in FX shaders
  145. colorSet to Texture input?
  146. To anyone familiar with the Unreal 3 engine
  147. Maya Expressions for Rigs. Pros & Cons?
  148. Ragdoll
  149. Helpppp Muscles Are Going Full Retard!
  150. Find by location?
  151. My Demo Reel
  152. 80% Demo Reel
  153. automatic secondary motion on FK rigs?
  154. Rigging reality
  155. First time joint based facial rig.
  156. Open Shading Language (OSL)
  157. Check if alpha channel exists?
  158. White color when skinning
  159. [UDK] Post-process Outline
  160. Do you know this pattern?
  161. ShaderFX and Unity 3D?
  162. Semantics, e.g. the " : Diffuse"-thingie, why?
  163. Procedural fracturing
  164. Getting rid of transform nodes within a skeletal hierarchy
  165. [UE3] Realistic Real-Time Skin Shader
  166. Mirroring complex rigs
  167. Looking for UV based skin mirror tool?!
  168. Target New c3D Mocap to exsting Optical Data
  169. Rigged character 3ds max help
  170. OpenRigger- over at cgtalk
  171. Corrective Blendshapes?
  172. Rigging with fur (maya)
  173. Blending bump maps in Maya
  174. I'm not quite sure it's ok to post it here...
  175. A fullboar "Image Based Specular" Term (with HDR pipeline tech)
  176. Scale vs Orient Constraint
  177. Skinning problems!
  178. addAttr with -storable false not working
  179. SOS about the feather.
  180. Shader based blend shape, stuck :(
  181. Querying skinWeights, but not by vertex (Maya)
  182. Edgeflow for good deformation
  183. Problems with CubeMaps using HLSL Shaders....
  184. Batch Rendering & Optimization
  185. Tangent Space Confusion
  186. How to build my own IK from scratch?
  187. Biped Resizing with Twist reference
  188. Shader based blendshape V2.0 finished (major overhaul)
  189. Thermal Vission Shader
  190. Engaged an interesting question~
  191. stretchy spine using only nodes!!...not scaling :(
  192. How Normal Map Baking Works
  193. Programming Language........?
  194. Converting Realtime data to character motion
  195. Writing Custom Shaders...Where to start?
  196. Maya Icons
  197. WIP Facial Rig
  198. cman2k's eyeShader
  199. Cg 1.5 shader and color correction
  200. [Unreal3] Bluring reflections in Chrome material?
  201. The flashback-light
  202. facial phonemes reference
  203. Error when trying to reach inputs menu in maya
  204. Maya 2011 ik system
  205. MotionBuilder - Batch tool - Char has no reference
  206. fbmodel in mobu and openGL
  207. Animatable envelopes Max 2010
  208. [Maya] Light Culling?
  209. 3ds Max: Converting dummies to bones?
  210. faking clothsimulation
  211. Updating geometry and skeleton in MoBu?
  212. How to turn head and upper body toward a target? (MoBu)
  213. Rotating animation data 90 degrees? (MoBu)
  214. Creating my own character rig - crit my mesh
  215. Generating additive animation sequences in MoBu for UDK.
  216. A new rig looking for critique
  217. hlsl shader, vertex colors, and 3dsMax
  218. Custom normals per blend shape
  219. WIP Muscle Sim (First Time)
  220. The order of takes in MotionBuilder
  221. Morpheus Rig
  222. Accessing tangent basis for other UV channels in Max?
  223. Need an IK rig to follow a mocap rig.
  224. Show mipmaps of dds file nodes in Maya?
  225. New constraint affecting old takes. (MoBu)
  226. How to (temporarily) parent limbs? (MoBu)
  227. custom biped rigs
  228. max force alignmet
  229. Dynamic hair setup
  230. How to reverse keyframes in a take? (MoBu)
  231. Aligning CAT rig over another skeleton
  232. WIP Muscle Sim (Now with video)
  233. Motion library recommendations?
  234. blendshapes vs joint driven facial set up
  235. How do you work with root motion? (MoBu, UDK)
  236. DirectX / Direct3D 11 and MAX 2011
  237. Maya 2011 Dual quaternion skinning
  238. Creating a Puppet rig with script vs manually
  239. WIP my first demo reel
  240. Getting MEL code to work in Python
  241. Global Illumination with light volumes.
  242. Skin in Max or Maya?
  243. Ideal controls for wing rig?
  244. Motionbuilder constraint weight keyframe creation from Python.
  245. Broken macros in mobu relation constraint
  246. maya slide controls over surface/skull?
  247. Rigging Wheels using joints.
  248. Optimizing DirectX Shader for 3ds Max
  249. Auto Skinning Tool Question
  250. Brief Considerations About Materials