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  1. Alright Drew, all yours
  2. Wow! We've got a forum!
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  4. Various VFX Presentations and Papers
  5. What fluid sim tools are you using for your flipbooks?
  6. Dynamic Materials for Particle FX
  7. Adding a new forum section
  8. VFX Advice for a noob
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  10. Destruction
  11. Getting Started in VFX
  12. Thread of FX Awesomeness
  13. 3-bone IK in Unreal
  14. New to FX Art, attached some samples.
  15. Maya Uservoice feedback
  16. Learning Houdini
  17. Workflow comparison of fracturing and rigid body simulations. Maya vs Houdini
  18. Fabric Engine at Siggraph (and new Creation Platform info)
  19. VFX Industry Exploitation; Prime Focus Exploiting Indian Workers
  20. Creative Coding with Maya/MEL
  21. Z-Brush for FX Artists?
  22. Creation update - deep integration to Maya and Softimage
  23. Display a single bounding box for multiple objects?
  24. Morpheus Rig 2.0 Kickstarter!
  25. new real-time renderer in Creation Platform
  26. Leap Motion development
  27. TuttleOFX
  28. basic ncloth question
  29. Real time particle solutions
  30. what is it meant by "Maya API and Maya Command architectures are not thread-safe"
  31. Designing a particle system
  32. The Realtime VFX Dictionary
  33. A Google+ community for real-time VFX artists?
  34. particles morphing?
  35. unusual Maya errors on load...
  36. UDK - UVs from Texture?
  37. MatCap shader texture stretch
  38. Banner Rollout - nCloth problem
  39. Maya nHair w/ Paint Effects output from existing guide hairs workflow?
  40. Workflow for creating procedural sand dunes (maya)
  41. Visual Effects Artist Roundtable 2014
  42. Water Splashes with nParticles
  43. Particle system
  44. Get python running under heavy load
  45. Already a pro, but looking too enrich and expand your VFX skills?
  46. realtime glossy reflections
  47. telltale games "the wolf among us' shaders info?
  48. Autodesk Flame Premium 2015 vs Nuke Studio
  49. How do you create a desert scene with blended horizon line?
  50. Understanding Group in SOUP
  51. Help Flowbox get into Disney Accelerator Application
  52. Are UDK tutorials on the particle system still relevant?
  53. [Maya / Vray] - Rendering out particle dynamics
  54. [Maya] - Bifröst assumes 1 scene unit = 1 meter
  55. maya positionPP
  56. tdu :: Autumn Courses 2015!
  57. animated texture maps, workflow?
  58. long matchmove - split clips and merge at the end?
  59. Here for the first time - self intro
  60. Unreal 4 Ribbon question
  61. Nuke Studio color problems
  62. Do VFX artists still make their own flipbook libraries?
  63. Maya particle expression: Calculate trail length of particle doesn't seem to work?!
  64. [Maya/Python] - Python custom node
  65. ports on the Nvidia Quadro M6000