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  1. To embed any item from the Maya ui into any item...

    To embed any item from the Maya ui into any item of Qt.
    You just have to remember that layouts in qt are not children of widgets. But they are in Maya UI. So it can be a little tricky sometimes. In...
  2. Embed Maya native UI objects in PySide for Maya 2017+

    I have a new post on this new topic that maybe could help some of you.

    It's updated for Maya 2017's PySide2 and shiboken2.
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    Deploy tools for your Maya team

    I found this interesting info from 2012:

    And some other suggestions.

    How do you deploy the tools to your team so...
  4. [Maya][Python] Is there a interactive node hierarchy navigator?

    The official docs about nodes in maya bring you to a very messy list of nodes, not organized by type or hierarchy.

    When inspecting one of them, it gives you a link to its parent. But not its...
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