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Thread: Technical Artist wanted by creator of Toejam and Earl

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    Arrow Technical Artist wanted by creator of Toejam and Earl


    I'm Greg and I run a small friendly studio in the San Francisco Area called Humanature Studios (located in Albany). I've been making games as an independent games developer for 30 years (ack! has it been that long?) and have worked on and created many games including Toejam and Earl, Starflight. Star Control 2, Orly's Draw-A-Story, Spore, Sims 2, Kung Fu Panda World, etc.

    As it happens, HumaNature Studios now has the good fortune of starting a new title that is cute and filled with quirky personality. It's also super innovative in the area of emotional AI and personality simulation. It designed for both male and female players, and will be marketed in the U.S. and in Japan.

    Check out our website (, and our existing Facebook apps (links from our website) to see the art-style. We are well funded, and offer good salaries and benefits, and we're small group where everyone gets a lot of creative input.

    We are looking for someone who is a super talented Maya Animator and is also can also help us with our art pipeline, and special effects, handle our art outsourcing, and offer great ideas and positive energy. (Flash knowledge is also a plus) If you're interested in learning more, please contact me at:
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