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Thread: Set preferred angle marking menu (Maya)

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    Default Set preferred angle marking menu (Maya)

    Does anyone know how to get rid of the marking menu that shows up when you RMB over a joint?

    I hate that thing. It shows up whenever you want to select vertices but there are bones behind it. I almost never use "set preferred angle" and when I do I can just use the menuItem in the skeleton menu.

    Ideally, it would be cool if I could find a way to replace it with the normal modeling one, with "edge", "vertex", "uv", "face", etc...

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    Have you considered putting the joints on a display layer, and then setting that layer to "R", render only? That should keep Maya from thinking you are trying to select or otherwise operate on the joints.

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    you can change the selection priority in Preferences -> Selection, and use a different preset, so polygonal stuff gets priority over joints.

    Haven't actually done this though... just got used to being frustrated and working around it.

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    I checked around a few places and it does look like its editable, but not without some MEL knowledge.
    The file is under (WINDOWS) Program Files>Autodesk**version of Maya)**>scripts>others and is called dagMenuProc.mel

    This is my resource:

    Matt -

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    Oh wow. thanks for all of the responses guys! I'll check some of these out and get back to you.

    MJohnson, I looked into that mel script and it looks like there is a function there called "createSelectMenuItems". I think that's the one that I want. I'm gonna noodle around with that for a bit and see if I can get it to work.

    Later that same day....
    I commented out the code in the "createSelectMenuItems" procedure that builds the menu. And that has at least gotten rid of the "set preferred angle" and "assume preferred angle" menu items.

    I'm going to keep messing around to try to get it to build the polygons marking menu.
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