Hey guys how is it going ?
I am here today to show you what I have been up to lately with Fabric Splice, my major dev effort goes toward Creature Dev,
being myself a rigger that s the area I want to develop.

The first thing I wanted to do was implementing a Nubrs Curve class. In rigging, curves and surfaces are super usefull since they
can be used for crazy stuff.

Here is a quick demo of the nurbs class implementation, I have been extra carefull to make it threadsafe so not modifyfing anything
in the class itself during query calls.


Here a blog post with more detailed informations about the nurbs development :

Once I had a stable nurbs class I started to work on a bendy arm and twist interpolation along the arm. Where of course I used my nurbs class
The twist part has been done by quaternion math.
Here is the demo :

And again a link to the blog where I write a bit more details about the process :

That s it for now on my dev :D Now I am having a look at some deformation stuff!
C&C welcome of course.