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Thread: r6025 pure virtual function call error (maya 64 & mel)

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    Default r6025 pure virtual function call error (maya 64 & mel)

    Hi everyone,

    I am playing around with some MEL script and the dragger context, but I can consistently crash maya within seconds while running the script.

    I tried to check my script back to its basics and I can reproduce the problem with the default dragger Context stock example if I specify the draggerContext with the -space "world" attribute.

    Also, I changed the example so it actually creates a locator at the world coordinates returned with the context.
    It seems that it's actually the line that breaks maya, but I have no clue why.

    here is the script (default mel example with the 2 changes I mentionned above)

    // Procedure called on press
    global proc sampleContextPress()
    float $pressPosition[] = `draggerContext -query -anchorPoint sampleContext`;
    print ("Press: " + $pressPosition[0] + " " + $pressPosition[1] + " "
    + $pressPosition[2] + "\n");

    // Procedure called on drag
    global proc sampleContextDrag()
    float $dragPosition[] = `draggerContext -query -dragPoint sampleContext`;
    int $button = `draggerContext -query -button sampleContext`;
    string $modifier = `draggerContext -query -modifier sampleContext`;

    print ("Drag: " + $dragPosition[0] + " " + $dragPosition[1] + " "
    + $dragPosition[2]
    + " Button is " + $button + " Modifier is " + $modifier + "\n");

    spaceLocator -p $dragPosition[0] $dragPosition[1] $dragPosition[2];

    // string $message = ($dragPosition[0] + ", " + $dragPosition[1]);
    // draggerContext -edit -drawString $message sampleContext;

    // Create the dragger context
    -pressCommand "sampleContextPress"
    -dragCommand "sampleContextDrag"
    -cursor "hand"
    -space "world"

    // Set current tool to use the sample context created.
    // Results can be seen by dragging mouse in main window
    setToolTo sampleContext;
    if I run this in the script editor and scrub a viewport some, it will crash maya within moment.

    if I comment out -space "world" it will work fine. if I leave it be but comment the spaceLocator line instead it will work fine also.

    (note: also, I am working with a windows 7 setup, could this have any effect?)
    I would appreciate any help on this matter :)

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    That script is running fine for me on Maya Linux 64. I'll get one of the guys here to give it a run on a windows XP 64 mahcine.

    Have you contacted Autodesk about it? it might be as you say a Windows 7 issue.


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    Thanks for trying it DrBob.

    the error is actually a popup window titled Microsoft Visual C++ something, so that could be why you don't have the issue with linux

    I was working home this week, I'll have to try it on various setup next week when I get back, and eventually log a bug with AD.
    In the meantime, I posted here hoping I was just doing something clearly wrong that could explain this error.

    edit: attached a screenshot of the crash

    also, more often than not, it's the very error window, however occasionally it's the standard maya crash window with the temp timestamp file backup.
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