Milford Film is an award winning animation studio based in Stockholm. We're a collective of artists and producers who always put content first. We do cutting edge visual storytelling for the biggest brands today.

As pipeline developer at Milford you are primarily responsible for designing, developing, maintaining and documenting pipeline tools that are being used by the artists. You will work with a group of selected artists from each department to gain feedback and to discuss new pipeline decisions, tools and workflows that can further improve our pipeline. Your goal is to make each artists' workflow as efficient as possible by assisting them with new features or tools that helps them work better.

You will also help artists face-to-face with troubleshooting and resolving issues that arise inside or around the tools they use.

Candidates need to be organized and able to handle multiple tasks, as they will often address multiple projects at once.

- 3+ years of experience in animation or visual effects for film or television
- Experience developing for Shotgun, FTrack or other prodution tracking software
- Experience developing tools for Maya, Nuke and/or Houdini
- Experience working with MySQL databases
- Experience with PySide/PyQt
- Strong experience in Python
- Experience working in a Linux environment
- Experience working as user support
- Good habits of working with documentation of tools

- Experience working with Google App Scripts
- MEL knowlegde
- Experience working with a wiki
- Experience working with apache

To apply please send a mail to: or apply at