Automated Transfer


I have some people I’m working with that upload files (images, vidoes, etc) to a single shared online folder. The number of files that they upload is pretty random, but I need to keep a handle on all these files by creating a backup. Anyone know of a method where I can automate file transfer or schedule file transfer based on a few conditions (e.g. folder reaches a predetermined size, folder contains a predetermined number of files). In that same thread, I would like a folder backup to be triggered on similar conditions. Any solutions & advice for either issues would be much appreciated.


Automated transfer of files with high-speed will likely require software a bit more professional. You could get by with torrents for file transfers, but automation may be less optimal than you need. I use Innorix for large file transfers. I’m able to schedule transfers ahead of time and everything is secure so it’s been working for me. I think they have some free options in addition to the paid