Blog discussions forum and feed aggregator now live


We’ve just added a forumfor cross posting posts from your blog, to improve your subscriptions and discussion of things you post. Please use it to shamelessly promote yourself!

The TAOggregator content feed aggregator is also now live. You can see (and subscribe to) the feed here: . Feel free to post any interesting articles in the blog discussion forum.

You should also post your blog link if you want to be part of the aggregate feed.

Forum FAQ
Aggregate feed FAQ


I know this is nit-picking but I intuitively went to where it listed the amount of replies to the blog articles to get to the forum thread, but this wasn’t hyperlinked. Not sure how easy to mess with the forum system for this but just thought I’d point that out.


If you have any question related with innovative technologies you could actually post it right here at this forum. Plus you could share your experiences right here.