Compiling Vertex Chameleon for Maya 2015


I think the plugin location is the problem. Either move the .mll file from “plug-ins/2016” to “plug-ins”, or update MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH to point to the “plug-ins/2016” folder.


YES!!! :D:

Now another problem:
VertexChameleon works as usual (deleted “-borderStyle” in all scripts, changed “polygons” into “modeling”),
but only with 2 colors.
At first, only blue and magenta.
Then I deinstalled and did all again, in case I accidentally changed a script.
Now, it is just green and yellow.

I can apply all colors as usual via the maya paint vertex color tool.
Only chameleon would deal with two!


Hi there, sorry for the necro, but I’ve been trying to build for Maya 2018 for the first time and not been having any success. I finally managed to get the .mll to compile, but Maya throws all sorts of errors. Anyone still working on building this?

 Warning: "C:/Program Files (x86)/RenderHeads/VertexChameleon 1.0/scripts/RH_VCP_Apply_Gradient.mel" line 366.57 : Redeclaration of variable "$col" shadows previous declaration at line 363. Previous value will be overwritten by explicit initializer. // 
// Warning: 	string $cmd = "";
// Warning: "C:/Program Files (x86)/RenderHeads/VertexChameleon 1.0/scripts/RH_VCP_Layers.mel" line 683.18 : Redeclaration of variable "$cmd" shadows previous declaration at line 663. Previous value will be overwritten by explicit initializer. // 
// Error:  // 
// Error: Line 0.25: Cannot find file "VCPBase.res.mel" for source statement. // 
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/startup/uiRes.mel line 107: displayString identifier "m_VCPBase.kMayaVersionNotSupported" does not exist. // 
// Warning: file: C:/Program Files (x86)/RenderHeads/VertexChameleon 1.0/scripts/RH_VCP_Base.mel line 39: Error: string not found: m_VCPBase.kMayaVersionNotSupported // 
// Error: file: C:/Program Files (x86)/RenderHeads/VertexChameleon 1.0/scripts/RH_VCP_Base.mel line 117: Missing //


Have you ever figured it out? I’m currently trying to get it to work with 2018 also. I actually can open Vertex Chameleon fine in Maya 2018, but cannot apply color to an object- given the error listed.

“// Error: line 0: Cannot find procedure “RH_VertexPolyColour”.”

Everything is properly in the plug-ins folder but I cannot actually load the plug-in. I try check marking it and it immediately de-check marks the plug-in.

“// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/others/pluginWin.mel line 290: The specified procedure could not be found. (VertexChameleon2018)”




I’m the author of Vertex Chameleon. I no longer have Maya, but I saw that they’re released the 2018 SDK publically, so I took all the recommendations above and have rebuilt the plugin.

You can find it here (version 1.9.0 BETA):

I have no way to test it, so perhaps you can test it and let me know if it works =)



I just saw this tool, its amazing :smiley:
It seems to work with Maya 2018, although I have only tested the basic functions so far. The window shows up in Maya 2017 too, but it doesn’t do any of the procedures.

Is there actually a way to be able to view the individual channels in black and white? That would be amazing :smiley:


Oh that’s great! Please let me know if anything is broken, because I can’t test it. This build is only for Maya 2018…I don’t have the Maya 2017 devkit .lib files, and for some reason they aren’t avaiable with the devkit from Autodesk, so I can’t build it. So just Maya 2008-2014 + 2018 for now.

We actually stopped supporting this plugin a few years ago and released it as open source. Lately though a few people have contacted us for help to support newer versions of Maya. I found this thread which has some very helpful tips for this, so I’ve blindly rebuilt the plugin and hope it will work for people so that I can make a proper release of this. Let me know!

I don’t think there is an option to view individual channels…