Cost for character artistcharacters


Hi there people,

Can I get a consensus on how much to charge for a character? with and without materials.
I am bit of a rookie and looking to start pricing my work, any help is greatly appreciated.
a character could be anything from a realistic portrait to an imaginary personal character.
deadlines vary so I guess some kinf of hourly rate included.
but what about royalties or even IP copyright kind of thing, is that only worth it further down the line?



sorry for avoiding your question, but im not the type to give this a direct answer.
Ive got no idea, I always recommend the one man band approach, just imagine if your a kid like stanley kubric first starting into movie directing, except your making games, if your good enough to make characters - go learn how to “approximate!!!” environments so they are LESS work than a character, then there is just physics to go and you got the whole thing done like a pro.