Custom UI docking help


I’m trying to figure out how to doc a custom UI for one of our internal tools into the same area where the “Channel Box/Layer Editor” & “Attribute Editor” live. The dockControl command seems limited in this area and I’ve seen some info about the workSpaceCommand. The examples of the later that I’ve found seem to involve using PySide. I was hoping that there is a more simple way to doc a basic UI in this area.

Also, I’m utilizing Maya 2017 & 2018.



Someone just posted this on the slack recently. Might help.


Note: This is Berkyjay. For some reason I got logged out and can’t remember my password and this site refuses to send me a reset link. So I had to create a new account in order to respond. :frowning:

Thanks! The only issue I have is that I was kind of hoping for a more simple solution. I’m not quite sure how to utilize this code. It seems like it’s designed for use with a QT .ui file, which I’m not familiar with. I’ll keep hacking away at it and hopefully it will come to me.


If you haven’t yet, join the slack channel:

We’ve got a maya channel on there with a bunch of folks who have worked through this problem in various ways.


Cool I’ll check it out. My work has started using Slack but I’ve been lazy about getting on. I guess I should try it.