Forumrunner plugin for the forums?



would it be possible to get the forumrunner plugin installed? It’s free and would greatly ease browsing the forums on mobile devices.

Kind regards,


Added to the Trello board:


Thanks! Aaaand voted :slight_smile:


Confirm that it’s working and I’ll move the card to Done. (I don’t have FR so can’t really test myself).


I added a comment to the card. The forum does popup a redirect to the appstore to get forum runner, but i cannot find it in the forum directory. Maybe it has to be added there on their homepage still?


Any luck now? Not sure what other options we can tweak.


Hm. I still don’t see it via search. What category and Forum name exactly has been used in the configuration? So i can narrow my search.



I didn’t realize I had to register it on the Forum Runner site. It should be working now. If you can’t find it, look under Computers->Graphics, but it should show up in search now.


Working and available. Thanks a lot Rob!


Thanks! Aaaand voted :slight_smile:

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