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For some background- was the first non-art game dev site I signed up for on the internet and I spent quite a bit of time there. The site has grown (and matured) quite a bit since those days and their Exec Producer, Drew Sikora, has done a fantastic job. If you’re looking for an excellent site to learn about and for help with games programming, I’d highly recommend it.

Special thanks to Drew, Bill Crosbie, and Adrian Walker for helping put this together.


Hey Tech artists!

I’ve been lying low for a while due to a number of things happening in NJ, but I’m resurfacing to head to GDC Online. If anyone would like to meet up so I could interview you about your experiences, I would love to add you to the growing library of insight about what it means to be a tech artist. Let me know and we can set up a time to meet and talk.



That was fun to watch.
Thanks all!


I Agree, thanks!


Sorry if I missed an obvious link, but it says: has the compilation of slides and videos that came out of this session:
.zip with all 8 talks (No videos)

But all I could find were the pdf’s and the interviews.

So is there a place to watch the videos of these talks? The python/database one especially piqued my interest, but the slides weren’t really designed for reading.



Sorry, I meant, the videos used in the slides.

I think you can find videos of the presentations in the GDC vault.


Those interviews were awesome. Thanks, guys! :smiley:


Great interviews. There was a lot of different ways of getting to the same points but that’s half the fun; seeing the different ways people communicate these ideas.