GDC 2017 Bootcamp Call for Submissions!



Hey everyone,

Instead of trying to rack my brain and exhaust my rolodex, I’d like to do what Jeff did last year and open up TA Bootcamp to the community! Is there something cool you’re working on that you think other TAs should see? Are you the subject matter expert on something important and esoteric? Did you recently level-up your studio’s Tech Art department with technology, manpower, or processes and want to post-mortem it?

Or, heck, do you think you want to speak at the Bootcamp but aren’t sure what you want to talk about? I’ve got you covered! I’m hoping I can get some coverage on some of these topics:

  1. Hiring, Growing, and Leading a Tech Art Team
  2. Tech Art for VR
  3. Shaders 220 (last year’s Shaders 101 from Ben Cloward went over really well)
  4. Tech Art for Indies
  5. Something Tech Art 101-level

Looking forward to seeing what y’all’ve got! I’m hoping I can get this at least tentatively figured out in the next week. Submissions close on the 18th!



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