[Houdini] Python - Creating a blendshape node



Hi guys. I am rather new to Houdini and I am coming from a Maya background. I am trying to port over my python script from Maya python to Houdini python. This was way more difficult than I thought. I am trying to create a autobelndshaperigger. I am able to create the blendpose nodes and name them correctly. But does anyone know how to set the driver and target of a blendpose through python script?

Thank you for any help!


Okey so after some trial and error I was able to create them. Now I have the problem of trying to connect the driver node to the blendpose node.


I know it’s a bit late but, can you post an exmaple of your code maybe ? :slight_smile:


Hi Cetras! I solved the problem. I can not share the code as it is under NDA but i went a different route and ended up writing a code that wirtes an expression for each blendshape on what GEO to follow :slight_smile:


ok glad you solved it :slight_smile: