I made a application shortcut visualizer (Photoshop, Lightroom, Blender). Enjoy!


Here’s how it looks:

It has support for multiple applications, versions, operating systems and different keyboard layouts. I’ve added Photoshop, Lightroom and Blender to start with, and I hope the internet helps out with adding a lot more applications.

The data is scraped from online documentation for Adobe applications. For Blender, all shortcuts are accessible via their python api, which makes it really really awesome because everything can be nicely exported.

It’s open-sourced and hosted on GitHub pages, which is great because all commits to the gh-pages branch are instantly hosted and viewable by everyone.

Check it out yo! http://waldobronchart.github.io/ShortcutMapper/

I’d love it if people would get involved in adding more applications (Maya, Max, etc…).


Also, an obligatory “omg I got featured” is in order here :slight_smile:


Very cool stuff Waldo. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: