I put my cross platform OpenGL 4.5 app - Shadow's Spider - on Github


Shadow’s Spider is a cross platform (tested on windows and linux) realtime 3d rendering application. It’s built around OpenGL 4.5 and Qt.

Git at https://github.com/bergjones/Shadows_Spider

[li]intuitive, fluid interface
[/li][li]multiple page attribute editor with radial popups
[/li][li]translate, rotate, scale gizmos
[/li][li]PBR-ish IBL workflow
[/li][li]Up to 3 lights



This looks great !

Thanks for sharing. I was planning do something like this as i leap into python. This would be good project to learn the 3d viewport architecture.

Are you planning to continue developing it ?


Yea, I work on it bit by bit. It’s a fun project.