Import FBX and namespaces workflow



I have a general question regarding Namespaces Workflow
I’m currently working for a company that creates an Fbx Exporter for Unity ( We are now defining a workflow on multiple asset exports in maya. I was wondering what the most used workflow regarding namespaces.
So as an example :
I have one fbx (ship) in my unity project, a scene with two prefabs from that fbx and I want to create a maya scene with those ships racing (we don’t support reference workflow for now). When importing two fbx in the maya scene,what do you use to prevent name clashes ?

In other words : with two assets imported (no references) in maya that has the same hierarchy, would you use namespaces or prefix ?

  • namespace
  • prefix

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Allow me to bump this and thanks to the only voter :wink:


Besides general organization, namespaces are pretty much designed to help you avoid name clashes, this is why referenced files get a unique namespace (in case you reference the same file more than once).


I totally agree with you :wink: Just want to be sure that’s the common opinion


A little off topic, but be careful importing FBX files in Maya. There’s a bug that’s been around forever that changes normals from the source, even when the flag to recompute normals flag is disabled. Think it may only effect meshes bound to a skeleton, but it’d be worth checking with static meshes.


Hum… interesting, never had the problem. Thanks for flagging this :slight_smile: