Importing blendshape animation clips onto preexisting character in Unity



Hi all,

I know I can export a model with baked blendshape and joint animation as an fbx, import that into Unity, then break up the animations in Unity into separate clips. However my company has a need to build an animation library for our characters that will grow over time, so this will get cumbersome really quickly.

I know that if I want to import an animation clip that’s just joint animation onto an existing character inside the Unity project, I can export that as an fbx in the format [email protected] and Unity will apply it to the character that already exists in the project.
However if I do that for blendshapes, it doesn’t seem to work.

One solution I found from Google is I can create a bunch of dummy joints on the rig that are driven by the blendshape weights, then write a script that converts those transforms into blendshape animation inside of Unity. But that seems kind of hacky for a problem that feels pretty basic? Has anyone run into this and found a better solution?