Hello my name is Joe, I’m a Junior Technical Artist for Monumental Games.

Stumbled across this website while investigating shaders and there seems to be alot of useful content here :slight_smile:

I’m pretty certain you’ll see me stealthing around and asking random questions :slight_smile:

’ Pirate Joe


Hi I´m Antti Herva, I’m a Technical Director at Fake Graphics in Helsinki, Finland. Im interested in rigging, animation, simulation, scripting and pipeline development. I also enjoy preproduction work and supervising whenever im given the chance! This seems to be a great forum populated by real professionals. I’m looking forward to contribute more and ask stupid questions(they’re the bestestest!)

Good times.


Hi PirateJoe, welcome to the forum, say hello to Jon Maine for me :wink:


Hi everyone, my name is Annie Harper. I’ve been in the industry for about 2 years now, and my biggest claim is that I did a significant bit of work on the premiere which introduced Ardipithecus (a human ancestor that was discovered a few years back and found to be much older than Lucy).

I’ve decided recently that I would like to specialize as a Character TD, which is how I found myself on these forums. If anyone has a few moments and would be willing to look at my work and give me a critique, I’m in the break-neck growth stage, and it’s always appreciated!

Annie Harper


Hello to everyone here… Im Jason from California.


hi all… its nice that we have a few regular visitors here… since joining about 2 months ago this place is ticking along… I hope to contribute in the shader section about real time strauss shading models and art techniques for games… and i’m hoping everybody else will also put in their bit in making this forum a great resource…

thx to david hunt on his modular rigging papers… great insight into hi fidelity facial animations systems… you rock!



Man, can’t believe I just read through this entire thread, once you pop you cant stop :slight_smile:

Im Johan Ramstrom, Tech Artist at EA DICE in Sweden. Been developing games for almost 8 years. Started as an animator but have gone more and more “techy” over the years. Working all over the place but mainly rigging characters, mocap and art/animation pipeline.

We recently finished up Mirrors Edge and in the process with Battlefield Bad Company 2.
Looking forward to speaking to everybody here, seems like a real nice place!


Hello all,
I am a Junior Technical Artist at FreeStyleGames. Looking forward to using the site and learning from more experienced artists.



Hello, World!
I’m Phil Horowitz, a Junior TA at Petroglyph Games. I’ve been lurking for a bit now, and this site has been a great help in furthering my skills


Hey everyone! My name is Erik Larsson of the former Pandemic Studios. Was checking out some shader stuff and came across this site the other day. Great stuff :slight_smile:


Insane portfolio sir :eek:


Thought I’d introduce myself as well.
I’m Serg and am currently a Technical Director at Disney Feature Animation specializing in rigging, animation and pipeline development.
Most recently I worked on developing the animation/rigging pipeline for the Pirates RPG over at Propaganda.

Here to share my knowledge and learn some new stuff while I’m at it.



My name is Scott, I’m currently Technical Art Director at Trion in Redwood City CA. I’ve been in the industry for some 15 years or so now generally involved in the environment, tools, and special effects side of things. I’ll try to contribute as much as I can to the forum.

Nice to be here!


Hi there

My name is Per, I am currently a student at a gymnasium(what we swedes have between ages 16-19) where I am currently on my last year and studying Technical-IT-Theoretical and as you might have guessed, I am from Sweden and after that I will probably study to become a technical artist.

So far I have learned visual basic and java and will teach myself some python soon enough, but I am also playing around with blender on my spare time and I am working on my own first little project.(here is a short clip of my colossus running it is of course far from finished)

I have read a lot of math and physic and I like problem solving, but I feel that I like modelling a lot, if not more, so when i found out about technical artist I thought it fitted me perfectly.^^


Hey everyone,

My name is Phil, I’m currently finishing my final year of Game animation and Art. Like most people here i’m inspiring to be a Technical artist. It fuels my love for art and it also satisfies my inner geek. =)

Hope to learn from you all and maybe one day give back too!


Hi all, just letting everyone know I finally got off my ass and signed up. Just had a quick poke around, awesome site + lots for me to do :D:

I’m currently a lead engine TA at Krome Studios in Brisbane, Australia. The last major project I worked on was Star Wars:The force Unleased for PS2 and Wii.

I’ve done a lot of work in Max and am starting to get good at Photoshop tools dev.

Check out my blog for some info:



Hi my name is Miguel Santiago and I am currently a Character Artist over at America’s Army where I specialize in Character sculpting, texturing, and shader development. It is great to have a site where odd ball half artist/tech people can go and frolic in the wind. Look forward to being a part of this site.


Hello, my name is Adrian and I am a Technical Art Lead in an as-yet undisclosed studio in Microsoft Game Studios. Of course, it’s a small studio and I have no direct reports, so it’s a bit of a BS title. ; )
I became an official Technical Artist in response to being the Environment Art Lead for Flight Simulator 2004 and having to convert an entire world’s worth of content from Soft Image to 3ds Max. From there it lead to the art tools and some of the R&D for the cloud system in FS2004 and I never looked back. I’ve met a lot of the Seattle folks in person and I’m looking forward to meeting more of you if I ever get out to GDC or another event.


Sounds fun! :tear:

Welcome. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=JayG;5296]Sounds fun! :tear:

Welcome. :)[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the welcome! It actually was pretty fun. I took a week to teach myself MaxScript (and debug and do some test runs and also curse at Discreet), then I pushed a button in Max, left for work on Friday, and made the 19,000 file check-in on Monday. Thank goodness for PolyTrans.