Hi, I’m Jason Hayes, a Technical Art Director at Volition on a unannounced title. I also work on our core technology group with Adam.


Hy Fellas!

My name is Anselm von Seherr - Thoss. German TD FX at Frantic Films VFX (same as Bobo). Mostly responsible for particle simulations in 3D Studio Max using what get’s the job done…:D:

Hope to gather and share some knowledge around here :slight_smile:

with kindest regards,


Hi folks!

My name is Joe, I’m a Senior Technical Artist here at Obsidian Entertainment. I work on shaders, pipeline issues and help define the core tech.

I can’t wait to see where this goes!


Hey guys,

I’m Randall Hess, Senior Technical Animator at Volition Inc. I write tools, develop animation pipelines and rig characters. I am currently working on Red Faction: Guerilla.

Hey to you Forrest! :):


Hey all, I’m Jason Childress, a Technical Artist on the Tools & Technology group at Volition. My primary focus is on designing and creating pipelines and tools for environmental art creation.

I think this site is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it grow.


Hello folks, I’m Brendan Hanna Holloway and I am a Technical Artist at Volition on Saints Row 2.

I was recently focused mainly on character artist support and pipeline development with a side of shader creation. But, there isn’t much on this project that I haven’t at least dabbled in.

Looking forward to building a concentration of knowledge with everyone.


Hey everyone,

I’m Jason Tranchida, and I’m a rendering programmer at Volition Inc. working on Red Faction: Guerrilla.

I’m also handle most of our pipeline code, including MaxSDK plugins and our data crunching tools.

4 V’s in a row!


Hey guys, nice to see a TA centered site that actually is getting some posts. I’m a Technical animator at Day 1 Studios and I handle rigging, scripts, and general make it easier, faster, better, tasks.


Hi Everyone,

My name is Neil Gregory. Currently I am a Technical Artist at Sony Studios Liverpool. Mainly helping artists through writing small tools, MEL scripts, developing processes and pipelines for asset creation and will basically try to help with whatever needs doing.




Watch out, Volition’s taking over! My name is Michael Howard, I’m currently a senior technical animator at Incinerator Studios. Pretty much the same description as the rest… tools, pipeline, rigging… though I’ve actually been doing more animation than anything on our most current project.

Looks like there’s quite a few people trickling in. Can’t wait to see the site develop! :D:


I’m not a tech artist :rolleyes: just here to steal your knowledge. Tim Apppleby, Character Art Lead at Splash Damage.


Neither am I. I don’t even work in the game industry at the moment.

I’m just here to fix anything forum/server related that breaks in case someone (read: Rob :p:) is messing around again.


Whew, most of you should have Dev badges now and be in the proper usergroups. The rest of you, PM me if you want (check out the FAQ).

I’m Rob Galanakis, and work with Ben Cloward as a Technical Animator at BioWare Austin.

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far, on the forum and wiki and everything, I’ve been quite floored with the positive response!


I just found out about the site today, and I’m really happy to see something like this spring up.

I’m an artist-turned programmer, with a few years under my belt teaching art students how to think like techies at Academy of Art University. I’ve since moved on to other things to pay the bills (various kinds of programming for various virtual worlds companies) but I still love talking about art, tech, and the areas in between.

I think this is going to be a great community to be a part of, and look forward to helping it grow.


Hey gang, i’m a graphics designer and cg generalist down here in sunny Melbourne, Australia. I also moderate the Max forums over at, running the (sporadic) Maxscript challenges.

If you’re a maxscripter and haven’t tried out the challenges, I encourage you to contribute! It’s one big happy family. :):

Great idea for a site guys. I hope I can help out where possible.

I’m just starting to dig into Python, so this place comes at an opportune time!


Well this looks like geek central, I must be in the right place.

I’m Paul Neale been around for about 12 years at least working in Feature films, Games, TV commercials, TV series and even medical. I run a small shop called PEN Productions where we service the industry by solving technical challenges, scripting and of course rigging.

This looks like it could be a great place to learn and share.


Hey hey, the gang’s all here!
Anyone seen Light or Graham from Bioware yet?


The Dragon Age team is crunching pretty hard, but Light knows about the site and I’m sure he’ll make his way over here sooner or later. Not sure who Graham is but I could MSN him… actually I need to send out an email to the art team here and I’ll try and get one of the Edmonton guys to do the same over there.


Hello all,

I like the idea of this site a lot and hope it grows into a strong community for us tech-heads.

About me; I am currently a TD at Keyframe Digital Productions working on a TV series.


Hi folks,

My name is Kees Rijnen (case rynen) and I’m a tech artist. I work for Lumonix (shaderFX and such) and a small indie game studio.

I’ll be the first to ask:

“What 3D software is better, Max, Maya or XSI?”

Now that we got that out of the way, good to see so many skilled tech guys have already joined.

Take care!