Marvel and Disney New App Which Will Let You Discover Your Artistic Superpower


You may not have been bitten by a radioactive spider, but thanks to Marvel’s new Creativity Studio and its accompanying stylus, you can at least draw the person who did.
The app and pen combo, which is the fruit of a collaboration between Marvel and eKids, is a tool for those young imaginations out there eagerly wanting to learn how to draw some of their favorite superheroes, such as The Avengers and Spider-Man. Disney‘s also updated its own Creativity Studio app so you can use the stylus (which goes for $35 at retail locations) to draw Disney characters as well. Fortunately, you don’t need the stylus to get the creativity flowing, but it unlocks a few extra features for you to take advantage of. Is this pen mightier than the sword? Only you can make that call. Read More Here