Maya Charm - Maya PyCharm connection



@Nightshade Where did you download it from? Through the plugin manager of PyCharm?


File > Settings > Plugins > Browse repositories…


got any more Info, Operating System and exact PyCharm version, if you are using Pro when you Add a run configuration there should be options for but the Runner and the Debugger.


Windows 8.1 x64
PyCharm 2017.1 Professional (2017.1.3)

I’m gonna have a look at my setup @ work tomorrow where I got everything working. I believe I have the same version there, but the OS is Windows 10 Pro. It’s probably just some silly thing.


Ok so I checked with my setup at work and these are the differences I found:
Under package settings for the project interpreter, the only listed packages are pip and setuptools - at work I also have some git-packages, smmap2 and pycharm (version: debug). I did a manual search and that pycharm package didn’t show up.

Under the Python interpreter settings, I had forgotten to add the pycharm-debug.egg. However doing so did not result in any change. Other than the debug-egg, the setups are identical.

I also tried switching to another interpreter (in case that has anything to do with this - I guess not) from the Maya 2019 one (Autodesk beta program) to the Maya 2017 mayapy.exe - but the pycharm package does still not appear.

The only available debugging is the ordinary “Python Remote Debug” - and there is also several debug packages listed under the package settings (example: django-pycharm-debug-middleware).


Did you find a solution to this?
I am experiencing the same thing. There’s no MayaCharm Debugger in the configuration list.
(Professional Edition Trial)

Any help would be great. Thanks!


I would assume you are using the 2018.3 EAP of PyCharm, that version changes how debuggers work a little and breaks support for my Plug-in. I will have to find time in the near future to fix that issue.


Have confirmed on my end that it is changes introduced in the 2018.3 EAP that are breaking things, so i am going to look at fixing that when i have time over the next week.

Good news: I can rewrite part of it to work with some of the new features and remove the requirement for the pro version only remote debugger.

Bad news: I have very little free time to do the rewrite so i might take a while, in the meantime i should still work with any pro version that is <= 2018.2