[Maya] DDConvexHull - Convex Hull Plugin (shameless plug)


send rob a message to get these posted


[QUOTE=passerby;28807]what version do you need nightshade? i have a few compiled ones.

also i can likely compile for 2015 64bit without too much trouble[/QUOTE]

2015 x64 is the version I use unfortunatly :smiley:


Ya I can compile one on the weekend for you. Hopefully I have the right version of vsc


i got a 2015 64bit compile of it now


Anyone have this compiled for 2016?

I should learn how to do that one of these days… Is it straightforward? I have VS2012 on this machine.


if you already have VS it is super easy to compile it for maya 2016.

just download the solution and unzip it somewhere and open the Solution.

then just modify some of the paths in the Solution Properties to point to Maya 2016.

change the build to Release x64 and Build! Done! Took me all of 5 minutes to build it for 2016.

In the Solution Properties, goto C/C++ and change Additional Include Directories
Under Linker in Solution properties, change Additional Library Directories


Sweet, that was easy. Thanks.


now i want to do geo to be convex hull model, but i try to do it is so difficult to understand the whole process T T

If you have time can you explain to do for me