Maya/Max GDC08 Presentations at The Area


Did anyone get to publish the script for doing the vertex re-ordering?

Our new universal topology meshes seem to have come up with a reason for me to write the exact same thing right now… :slight_smile:



No and I never implemented a working version… I’m sure if I had back at it, I could figure it out. Francois provided some additional info that was of help, in various posts around the forum.


Okay… I’ll check with our XSI ninja if there’s anything Gator could do, otherwise I’ll get to have all the fun. :slight_smile:



Sorry for resurrecting this, but the gdc08 page on the autodesk site’s been taken down it seems. :frowning:

Might they be hosted somewhere else too?


These little gems moved at some point, just had a hard time finding them again, so here’s the link!


Yeeeeaaaaah! Thank you so much! :slight_smile: