[Maya][Python] Xray cubes maya viewport


I´m trying to create a helper for my autorig and I would like to be drawn on top of everying in the viewport, like the xray joints, so I can see the helpers on top of the mesh character.
Is there a way to archive that in a piece of geometry?

The displaySurface command does not work as far as I know.
Any tips?
Thanks in advice guys!!


the xray joints command is something that is embedded in the viewport as far as i know, its not something you can set up for an individual piece of geometry, in that case you want to be sure to render the object in front of everyting else in which maya does not make any destinction. my best bet would be creating your own opengl plugin that draws over the selected object (wireframe or faces) but that is quite a hassle for just a visualiser

example: http://scroll-lock.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=168:custom-controls&catid=1:scroll-blog#JOSC_TOP

it might be that maya has something for it already as a simple flag, but i have never seen it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks peerke88! I didn´t know it was such an hassle to create a custom openGL visualiser. I think I´ll continue with my really nice cubes heheheh.
Maybe I can do something at home, just to practice with no pressure :slight_smile:

Thanks man! :slight_smile: