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Interesting point Theo… But knowing our “working style” I admit finding removal of options difficult.
Given a blend file I could figure 3 cases:
1- one mesh object only tobe exported, so I could precisely name it and export without user’s action
2- many meshes from a common logic set (i.e. Kitchen blend file and stuff like Table , Chair inside): the blend name is the set name, each mesh has to be exported in its fbx. For artist’s easy view objects can be placed anywhere in scene but export will (temporarily) place them at origin so their pivot in UE will be ok.
3- Many mesh that need to be exported as a single fbx and then imported as a combined mesh. Here I have blend file similar to case 1 but the number of files to be produced changes. This was the main reason I considered the single/multi option. Ho could I identify blend file that are NOT set but can contain many meshes?
Maybe adding something to its name? Like Kitchen_Set.blend vs ComplexObject.blend

As always, a lot of stuff to consider :slight_smile:


A better way to think about it is not ‘removing options’ but ‘removing options at export time’. You can move a lot of that info to a one-time set up step that happens the first time a file is exported.

I’ve never been fond of the multiple-files-exported-from-one thing, but I know artists love it so I grudgingly support it – each output file is represented in the scene by a transform with a custom attribute that gives the file name, then I just loop over those nodes to do the exports.

The big thing you want to avoid is just human error at export time – that causes all sorts of problems. And since exporting is something that artists do all day every day, even a fraction of a 1% error rate will add up fast.


The best exporters are the ones that can be (re)run without a user at all.


Our principal modeler is a real fan of this stuff. As old-time-3dgeneralist I understand his point after all :slight_smile:
A proxy object in scene with some informations looks good: it could be created at first export time or even with a small wizard when the scene is created…

I should add this to my tips :slight_smile: