Need help to learn code


Hi All,

I am new in this forum , i am here to learn and explore new things.
I am from artist background and i do not have any programming knowldge but i have good knowldge of maya ,max , unity, ue4 and substance designer .

I am working as a technical artist with one of the game art company . As a technical artist some time i need to creat my own tools and pipline for artist and developer but due to lack of programming language i am not able to do that.

I want to develope my career in

  1. Tools and pipline development in game
  2. Shader developments

Please suggest me which programming languge is good to learn for me most of the time i workd omv max ,maya , unity, ue4,substance designer.



For Maya you can get by almost entirely in python. It probably wouldn’t hurt to know a little bit of mel, just to understand what is happening in the script editor output.
While a few years old, this is still a solid intro book:

I can’t speak as much for 3dsMax, but I believe the python implementation as of 2018 is pretty functional. Probably more important to know some MaxScript here than it is to know mel over in Maya land. (Not a Max guy, so I can’t offer any resources)
From what I understand Max also has a pretty good C# API, but I think it might be a bit lower level than MaxScript.

For Unity, you’ll need to learn C#, there are a lot of resources out there for learning both, Just Unity C# tutorial into google, and go nuts.

UE4 this guy you’ll need to learn you some c++. Again, lots of tutorials are out there.


Thanks for suggession , so i should learn python, c#,c++ right?
So from the above language which one is the first choice to start ?


I’d personally recommend learning Python first. There are a ton of resources out there for general python learning, and quite a lot about Maya and Python together. It is versatile and has certain features that (in my opinion) make it an easier first programming language to learn than potentially C# or C++.

I would focus on one application and language to start… it looks like you have a broad range of experience, but translating that directly into technical artist/programming might be very overwhelming.


Python is a great resource that can be applied in a lot of places. Its also a great language to learn with.
But it really comes down to which tools you need to be building for which application.