New uis


with tablets and phones all the rage, it seems they get all the new cool ui stuff. most likely due to its using your hand to interact and the lack of controls for such interactions. on the desktop side, it seems stagnant. What new ui controls are out there? Are there any apps that have some slick controls?



A good place to play around with different ideas is Kivy, which is very tablet friendly and also uses hardware acceleration in ways that traditional gui frameworks tend to neglect


I would say for PC the controls aren’t changing much since it has had decades to become refined, and familiar to everyone.

also there are still a few cool things like marking menus and some apps got sticky keys that making enabling and dropping tools much faster.

kinda on the don’t fix it if its not broken camp here.


Yeah, i would agree that things do work. I just want to see if there is room for improvement anywhere and to push things if possible


Actually, I really like the idea of using marking menus when appropriate. The problem that I’ve found when doing some designs, is that people still want File, Edit, etc menus. None the less, enabling power users is always a good thing.


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