Planet Tech Art (RSS Aggregator)


So, after much delay, I finally present:

Planet Tech Art

It is TAO’s own RSS aggregator, using the python planet module (the same thing that runs

The posts are also be tweeted to

If you want your blog to be added, just send me an email, with a link to your blog’s feed, preferably only the feed for tech-art articles of interest (especially important if you have, say, the same blog for cooking and programming ;)). This is the same way does it (google ‘wordpress rss category’ or keywords are appropriate to find instructions for getting a feed for a certain tag or category).

If you don’t see your blog there, it isn’t because I hate you, it is probably because there was a problem with your feed or your blog didn’t have your name. Please note I have NOT added all blogs in the Post your blog link thread, so double check you’re added if you posted in there recently.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

A few technical notes for those who are interested (I’ll probably blog this as well).

1- There are a few dozen lines of python that run the planet, with a customized html template and css file.
2- There is a scheduled task running on an AWS windows server, that ftp’s the data to TAO’s server.
3- I do this because I am a linux noob and can’t set up the planet on a linux server. I’ll need to do it this year, before my free AWS runs out.
4- The feed updates every hour.

My original home-grown aggregator, which allowed us to filter and publish content to our blog, was too difficult to maintain. It was nice, and meant we could pull in all sorts of blogs and publish only what’s useful, but this way is simple, reliable, and we actually have an aggregator.


Tweeting works now.


Email you at…? :scared:


rob dot galanakis at gmail dot com.
It’s also on the planet page :slight_smile:


Btw, I just want to say thank you for putting this together! This looks like an excellent way to pick up on what people are working on and learn some new stuff!

I’ve added it to my RSS reader!


Good to hear! Thanks!


There was a problem with the server (auto-restart), should be working now.

If you don’t see your name on the left bar, tell me and I’ll add it! (I may have missed some people in this last round).


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