Pose Reader: Angle Driver



I just want to share the latest thing I have recently made:

  • a pose reader that extracts the Yaw, Pitch and Roll of an object ( commonly known as Euler Angles )
  • uses Spherical Linear Interpolation or “SLERP”
  • no expressions
  • pure maya nodes




Nice work!


thanks MikeM!


Looks great! Were you planning on sharing your code or just tease us by scrolling through it quickly? :slight_smile:


Hi Sean!
thank you! I apologize, it wasn’t my intention to tease you… it was just I just finished doing my first pose reader (it didn’t even had a GUI)
and was too excited to share the video. Unfortunately, I cannot share the code but I can share the idea on how it was made.


Sorry for the very bad presentation :frowning: , I’ll create a proper video soon. Thank you for viewing