Python 2 vs 3


So I am a little new python and I am current grinding trough learn python the hard way. He ask that you use Python 2 instead of 3.
While there are quite a few syntax changes using 3 just means putting in a little more elbow grease for the readings. I wonder now
if there is a prefers version in the industry, or if the differences are so minor that i should not even worry about it.


Most applications are on Python 2.6 and 2.7 in the industry
While it’s pretty easy to switch back and forth between 3 and 2.x, I recommend learning 2 because it’s easier to learn to adapt 3.x functions to your code than it is to learn to make do without them.

Also 2.x has a larger set of libraries available for it at the moment, especially precompiled ones making it far easier to use.


I have been finding more and more resources for 2 than i have been for 3 thanks for letting me know.


Ya I just sticked with the 2.x branch. If you need to use 3.x in the future it won’t be that hard to adjust but in the present things are dominated by 2.6 and 2.7


I have a feeling we’ll be sitting on 2.x for another 5 years or so… hell we still have parts of the pipe on 2.5!