Rob, what the hell happened!


Glad to see TAO back on the strip, felt kinda lonesome without all the inspiring stuff around here!



we all have our lessons in plumbing, as long as we learn, adapt and move forward things will only improve. I am happy to see TAO back up and running. Thanks Rob for you dedication, I’ve seen forums go down for months only to return with its community all but dead.

Keep up the great work.


Bronwen, try going to I suspect it is the CMS that is incompatible with browsers. My old Droid’s builtin browser and new Opera both work on the /forum site (with the mobile skin, thank you very much!). I’ll work on figuring something out (and getting a better mobile style…).

Everyone else- thanks, I really appreciate it. When users with a few posts come out for this occasion it feels extra special :slight_smile:


Alright, mobile browsers should redirect directly to the forum. Confirm it works for me and that it makes sense (I figure it is primarily why people would be at TAO on their mobile)?


Yep, that works. Posting this from my phone now! Thanks, Rob!




Nice can get back to my morning routine of checking out TAO :smiley:


Thanks Rob, good to be able to have TAO on the go!


Yay, glad to see it’s back.

Thanks Rob :):