Siggraph 2015 Anyone?


I’d definitely be up for getting together with other TAs after conference hours, get some food or drinks or something. I didn’t meet a single other games TA here yet :*(


Gah sorry. I stopped getting notifications for this thread for some reason. I bumped in to someone else from here last night (mouthlessbobcat) and just saw these when I was telling him about the bof. We were talking about trying to get some people together tonight since it’s light on parties, just the dreamworks one till 9 unless anyone knows of others (hint hint, nudge nudge)

But tomorrow might work better after the bof.


yeah I have been telling everybody about the tech art meetup. Should be quite some people coming :slight_smile:


Btw, I was the one breakdancing on the DreamWorks party :smiley:


City Tavern @10. Spread the word.

Scratch that, it’s closing. Our bad for thinking we were in a city. Waiting for a bit in case people show. Then Going to library bar. Respread the word.


Thank you all for coming!

The attendance of > 50 people exceeded all my expectations, and I believe we may now be obligated to do it again next year :eek:. Special shout-out to Nysuatro for rallying the troops. Also, if you have any thoughts on improving a future Siggraph BOF in terms of location, activities, or agenda please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Feel free to share you thoughts on Twitter #TechArtistBOF #SIGGRAPH2015 #intelgamedev @jawilli312

Thanks again

Jeffery A. Williams


Hello everyone,

I just wanted to thank Jeff Williams for hosting the Tech Artist meet up at Siggraph and all of you that attended as well. It was great to hear the different development perspectives and mingle. We had a good sized group.


Thanks a lot for organising Jeffrey and the special shout-out :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to do a round table next time. Like we did at GDC SF.

These are always gold and full of information. I already have many topics I would like to discuss like procedural tools, optimization pipelines, company culture towards tech art, …


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