Stereoscopic render: doing from scratch


Hello everybody,
I need to render a stereoscopic 360 animation with C4D/Octane.
Now, to make the story short, we have already rendered the monoscopic/normal sequence and we are gonna to render the stereo one, but I was wondering if it was possible to use the already rendered sequence as left eye and rendering a sequence for right eye just shifting the camera.
I know it’s not the same especially for subjects close to the camera, but actually we can live with that as we have very few scenes that could need a stereo render from scratch.
Houdini gives a value of 0.075 as interaxial distance, so I’m using that for the moment with a camera parallel to the previous one.
Do you think it’s enough to shift the camera or I should take in consideration also other parameters?
Thank you a lot in advance.