Technical artist salary


Hi guys, just to know.
How much is an average salary per year in France, as a technical artist?
With and without taxes?


I don’t know first hand but the last couple of years of the game developer salary survey included breakouts for EU salaries.

As a very rough ballpark the EU average is about 60% of the corresponding US figure, though that makes no accounting for different tax situations or non-cash benefits. I’d expect that the gap is narrower for france, germany, UK and Sweden and that eastern Europe pulls that average down.

You might be able to find relevant ads in, which is based in the UK and lists a lot of Euro area jobs


I noted a job in Frankfurt going for 26k - 36k Euro, which would be $40k US – so closer to 50% than 60% at current currency prices for a mid-level job.


Europe can be difficult to compare. My personal ranking in salaries is this: UK > Scandinavia > Netherlands > Germany > Spain > Eastern Europe. German salaries are imho not very good in the digital entertainment industry. I don’t know about France, but they may be similar, if not higher. The biggest problem is that social benefits, services and holidays can be quite different in terms of quality across countries. Also it makes a big difference if you live in a capital. E.g. prices drop a lot once you leave London or Paris. Germany is a bit unique though. Berlin is cheap while Frankfurt and Munich aren’t.

I would suggest asking on expat forums for IT developer salaries. That should give you a range. Reddit may be a place to ask. Might also ask for prices for food, eating out etc.
I’m pretty sure there are tax calculators for France, so you can figure out the tax. If possible do some search for apartments in the area you’re targeting. In general, when living in Europe and holding a decent job your rent should not put a major dent in your budget, unless you live in one of the expensive capitals, like Paris or London.