Thesis Project Feedback


Hello everyone,

I am a college senior, and I am making a thesis project on technical art, particularly rigging and scripting. I am wondering if anyone here can give me feedback on the rig of an octopus I am currently working on.

Also, I am hoping to make a script in Maya focused on a changing the material and texture of my octopus model, but I am having trouble on where to start. If anyone can give me feedback and lead me in the right direction, that would be great!

Thank you!


How would you like feedback and do you have more to show? This gif is very short and doesn’t really allow anyone to feedback on it.

For the material stuff, you might want to go into more detail on what you’re trying to do. There are some basic youtube searches that you can do that show you how to animated through colors.


On thing that helps a lot with rigging reels is to add some annotations (text overlays or subtitles) that call out the specific features you are demoing. That shows your intentions better. With compressed video (or people watching things on phones) you can’t be sure that the audience will be able to read things like control names or values.

It also helps to include an example of how quickly you can sketch out a good, nicely deformed pose, or a well interpolated animation – or ideally both. That shows that your right doesn’t include a lot of counteranimation or unnecessary work.