Unreal 4 Ribbon question


Long time lurker. Now that I actually have time (and work reasons) to dig more into Unreal 4, I can start asking more questions.
Figured here is better than filling out the VFX facebook.

I have possibly a simple question about Ribbons in Unreal 4.

To set the stage, just picture gameplay like Rocket League…chasing a big ball around.

I setup a ribbon, with some fancy materials, so the look of the ribbon is ok, but I having some problems figuring out to make it act the way I want.
What I am looking for is like a Tron light cycle ribbon. It says UP in the world, but when the ball moves vertically, I want to see the trail…the same as if you see it moving horizontally.

Right now, I am using Camera Aligned. Which works pretty well. But the problem comes in when the player is behind the ball. Any slight movement from being perfectly aligned, the ribbon wants to flip/twist/rotate to align to the camera.

I tried using Source Aligned, did not like that.

Tried using World, that sort of gets what I am going for, but the ball’s vertical movement makes is ribbon stack, thus cant see it.

I also tried locking different axis, did that did not seem to help.

Hope this text paint enough of a visual picture.
If not, I can get some images.

Thanks for any input.


maybe you can have a look at the spline trails approach suggested by Bill Kladis’?


find his sample files here:

Another option would be to add a fade angle to your trail material so it’ll be transparent instead of “flipping/twisting/rotating”



The spline trail, I/we plan on looking into, but think it might be to expensive for what we are looking for.

I will look into the fade angle.