Users with random/off topic links in signatures will have signatures removed


Recently there have been a handful of users with off-topic and spam-like links in their signatures, who are making posts unique and on-topic enough that I can’t really tell if they are spammers or not.

So there’s a dilemma that if these people are spammers, I remove what is, coincidentally or not, useful information. If they’re not spammers, banning them as I would a normal spammer would upset them.

So from here forward, if you are a suspicious user (recent signup, spurt of posts on topics more than a few weeks old), and you have any off-topic links in your signature, I’m replacing your signature until you verify your identify with me to ensure you’re not a spammer, and explain why you have those links.

Once I get this figured out I’ll relax or remove the restriction- I just want to make sure the boards don’t have the appearance of tolerating spam and bot adverts.



totally agree with this.


Here is a new one with one of those signatures


Has anyone with these types of links ever proved to be a real tech artist?

Would it be feasible to prevent links in signatures for new registrants? (eg. for a month)


No but not really worth enforcing too much, it hasn’t been a big problem. Keep reporting abuse by using the thread reporting tools and mods will deal with it.


polycount has a similar problem. Most of them seem to be bots. Their behavior is just too similar, but there may be the odd human among them. Pretty nifty tech though.

Could just block the signatures. Or make a better sign-up process? Add a tech-art related capcha question. “How many verts in a triangle?” Maybe they’ll learn about tech art and become valuable forum members :wink:


How do I change my own signature? I do not see edit option in my profile for the signature.


On the homepage, on the upper left by your user name and avatar, click on “User CP”.