Wiki is gone ?!?!


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Me = :tear: I was just about to send someone a link to the Shaders Portal, and found it’s gone! Poof!

OK, I haven’t been around these parts in ages. I learned I’m not really a TA, even though I think like one; but I really don’t like to write code, I like to paint instead.

Last time I stopped by the wiki, it was hemorrhaging spam. We solved this for the Polycount wiki by gating the signup process, so all potential editors must go thru me first. No spam, hooray. Not much new content either, boo. Lots of people sign up, but very very few add content.

Anyhow the only reason the Polycount wiki is anything decent is because I (and rarely, a couple others) simply treat it as a bookmarking system. We keep adding stuff that we personally find interesting. But more importantly, the tried-and-true content is preserved spam-free, for all to read.

I wish the TA wiki was setup the same way. You had a bunch of good content up there. It could be gated for editing rights, but open for guests to read. Maybe you could start by giving edit rights to every forum member who has posted at least one good-faith post on your forums.

Please bring the wiki back!


The Wiki is coming back, TAO suffered a small hicup! and was down for a bit, we have gotten everything back up except for the Wiki.

Rob is working on getting that up and running again right now.

Don’t worry Eric it will return and there will be some adjustments to the way that it is formatted including some suggestions found in



And Eric if you want to talk to the Polycount guys about combining Wiki’s, I’d totally be willing. The problem would be porting from Mediawiki to MoinMoin (or vice-versa). Are they happy with their wiki software?


Rob, I’d expect the Polycount wiki to be much larger, so I guess it’s us (well, you :slight_smile: who should kneel. But I agree - I’ve hardly used the wiki here so it’d make sense to merge.

Rob btw the web site update is awesome. :slight_smile:



Thanks guys, good to hear.

Well there are only two guys that deal with the Polycount wiki. Vito is the admin, but he really only deals with the backend, and only steps in if something is broken. So that means I’m the main user and organizer.

I’m more a fan of Mediawiki, but Vito likes MoinMoin so that’s where it’s going to stay. The syntax rules are fairly similar, wouldn’t be hard for a TA to write up some regex to convert properly either way, if the desire was there. Personally I don’t have the chops for this. Someone would have to manually make the new pages, paste in the contents, fix links, which is something I or some volunteer could do.

I might be able to scrounge up a volunteer to copy your content into the PC wiki. We could make a TA portal. But I wouldn’t be all that interested in copying PC content into the TA wiki, as the PC wiki seems to work well for the constituency there, so why duplicate it? I’m also cool with keeping TA wiki separate, whatever works well for you guys.

BTW thanks Rob, SamiV, for keeping this place alive. It’s a great resource, unparalleled really.


Hey Eric, if you’re looking for a volunteer just message me and I can move the stuff over. (I’m already on the wiki too) The Tech art wiki has been useful especially the shader bits.