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Advanced Tutorials



GUI Development

Toolkits, Extensions

There are many GUI toolkits available in Python. It ships with Tkinter, but you should also have a look at the various third-party extension packages listed here.

  • wxPython Popular GUI Toolkit for Python. Wraps around the cross-platform wxWidgets library
  • PyGTK Python bindings for the GTK GUI Toolkit
  • PyQt Bindings for Qt 2 and 3. PyQT4 also handles Qt4

RAD Designers

Most Python GUI Toolkits offer at least one Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool. These help you visually design GUIs and dialogs, generating Python code on the back-end.

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Python and MEL

  • PyMel - Python in Maya done right

Game Programming with Python

  • Pygame Game development library for Python.
  • PurpleStatic - Game Scripting Game Scripting with Python, from a class taught at the Academy of Art University
  • Panda3d A 3d game engine with Python as its main interface.
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