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The Community Scripts Initiative

The Community Scripts Initiative (CSI for short) aims to vitalize and revolutionize sharing of knowledge between members of the TAO community as individuals, and their respective studios. TAO recently launched the Community Repositories as a first step, along with the TAO Function Library. You can follow the links to learn more, and check out the CSI forum.

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  • Python: Docstrings provide an easy way to document your functions. Functions documented with docstrings will provide the docstring when the function is being typed in an IDE, like other Python functions.
  • MXS: Instead of using globals, why not use Rollout and Struct Pairs and store all globals in structs?
  • HLSL: Always compile under the lowest possible shader model, since many times different shader models will compile differently. This is especially true with 1.1 and 2.0.
  • MXS: FYI, with Autodesk's acquisition of SoftImage, CAT will be phased into 3ds Max and will supersede Biped.

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