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This portal page is for Python education.



Python is one of a class of scripting languages (along with Ruby and Lua) that are often used to extend programs written in a lower level language such as C++. Python is interpreted, meaning that there is no need to compile your code before executing it (as is the case with C and Java). It is also a dynamic language, allowing users to largely ignore memory management and data typing. In practice, that makes it really easy to learn, as you can experiment with snippets of code in an interactive manner before utilizing them in tools.

Python has become increasingly important in 3d animation and visual effects, with most professional tools (including both Maya, Max, and Blender) offering support for Python scripts. A skilled technical artist should be familiar with both compiled and interpreted languages. C++ should be your first choice for a compiled language, and Python for an interpreted one. Python is also very easy to get started in while remaining a very powerful language, making it an ideal first language to learn for anyone that wants to become a programmer.

Python Wiki

Below you'll find links to the Python pages found on TAO Wiki.

Learning Python

Tech Artist new to Python? Start here.

Advanced Python

Resources for Technical Artists already familiar with Python. From Windows COM to multi-threaded GUI applications.

Python Recipes

Example scripts to point you in the right direction.

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