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Rigging is one of the primary tasks of technical animators and many technical artists. It requires some mathematics, a good understanding of the software, and most importantly, what the animators at your company want in a rig. Good rigging is an art, not a science, though a good amount of math and science is often required to make a good rig. This portal is designed to give a well rounded look at Rigging.

See Category:Rigging for a list of all Wiki articles related to Rigging, and visit the Rigging Forum at TAO.



Introductory Rigging

  • FK and IK are two fundamental but simple concepts for rigging.
  • Skeletal animation discusses the CPU/GPU technical pipeline of skeletal animation.
  • Vertex Skinning goes over the technical process behind how hardware and software vertex skinning.


  • Transforms is applicable to more than just rigging, it is at the heart of all computer graphics.
  • Quaternion is what all 3D Rotation actually is, riggers need to understand it.
  • Vector Primer and Matrix Primer are two articles that will help you understand the above types.
  • See Portal:Math for a more comprehensive rundown of mathematical topics on this Wiki.


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