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The Community Scripts Initiative (CSI for short) aims to vitalize and revolutionize sharing of knowledge between members of the TAO community as individuals, and their respective studios. Its core principles demonstrate and facilitate this:

  • Reuse of knowledge, reuse of code: When someone writes useful code, it should be available to all.
  • High coding standards for common components: Code that TAO encourages people to work from as a base needs to be coded well and tested.
  • Ease of use: Users should be able to get code easily and without time investment.

These core principles are all manifested within the individual projects which compose the CSI.

Community Repositories

Community repositories are the flagship component of the CSI. The idea is simple- publicly available code repositories are maintained by individual or groups of TAO members. An explanation of Distributed Version Control Systems, and how they work with the repositories, can be found here.

One of the main components of the CR are the function libraries. These are administrator-published libraries that all users of the CR are encouraged to use, and will be needed to run most tools. By maintaining a centralized common function library, development time can be shortened since less code has to be rewritten. Allowing anyone to create and edit functions in their own branches ensures the scripts are continually developed, added to, and improved. Admins having control over the trunk, and ultimately the version others will be using, will allay fears about code quality or speed.

The Community Repositories use a proprietary VB plugin written for TAO by Aryeh Gregor.

Future Work

To see what else is under development and planned for the future, check out TAO:CSI Roadmap.

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