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General Wiki Info

Can I use my forum login on the Wiki?

Currently you need to sign up on the Wiki seperately, but we are looking at possible solutions (don't hold your breath, though).

How can I help?

Check out the main page for a list of the most wanted articles, and contact an admin if you would like to contribute in a more official capacity as Content Staff.


Our copyright policy is kept on the Tech_Artists_Wiki:Copyrights page. If an author of a page would like it locked, he should contact a forum administrator or content staff member. If an author would like a separate copyright policy applied to an article (such as one that may prohibit duplication without the author's express permission), he should put a notice on the article page, and alert an Admin. If you have any concerns about copyright, please post them in the Wiki forum.

For Editors/Authors

I have a tutorial I want to post.

Go ahead and post it! But for people to see it, they need to know about it. You should connect it to the Portal pages, or tell one of the Content Staff about it. We will try to make sure all content is known and linked in (really the least we can do for your contribution to knowledge), but the safest thing is for you to do it yourself.

I have a tutorial from someone's site I want to post.

To mirror content, either ask permission of the author, or approach one of Content Staff to contact the author. Once permission is gained, post the link in the appropriate area with a description, or copy over the entire article, whatever is the author's preference.

My article was edited!

Unless specifically asked, Wiki content can be edited by anyone. If you want to lock a page, just ask a Content or Moderation Staff member, and editing will be closed.

My article was edited by Staff!

TAO takes accuracy of information seriously, and may edit any glaring problems. Content staff should always comment or seek approval when they edit a page, but if you have any questions, just contact them and ask. And if you are unsure of what you are posting, feel free to ask a question in the forums or approach one of the Wiki Editors for the proper topic.


Don't forget to link!

Your page is most visible and easiest found when it contains links to other pages. Similarly, by linking to other pages, it exposes those pages more, and readers can better understand your article. Instead of having to explain what a Quaternion is in an article about Transforms, one can simply link to the Quaternion article.


Don't forget to add Categories. You can do this by using the [[Category:CategoryName]] code at the bottom of your article. You can find a list of all categories here. Try to use existing articles, but feel free to create new ones. You can link to a Category page by using [[:Category:CategoryName]] (there is a colon added before "Category").


There are a number of Portal pages for major topics. When you create a new article, make sure it is listed on the proper Portal page for maximum exposure.


HTML or WikiText?

WikiMarkup/WikiText is the preferred markup for the Wiki, though HTML is acceptable (and often the only alternative for a number of tags). Please try to use WikiText whenever possible.

Using WikiText

You can learn WikiText formatting here, it is very simple to use. You can also check out Help:Editing for TAO-specific formatting (such as syntax-highlighted source code). It only takes a couple minutes, and the benefit from learning how to format Wikis properly is well worth the investment.

Posting Code

You can post generic code with the <pre> </pre> tags. You should post one or two lines of code by preceding the line with a single space. You can get the Wiki to ignore WikiText with the <nowiki> </nowiki> tags.

Syntax Highlighting

You can use the following to post code with syntax highlighting: <source lang="lang"> </source>, where "lang" is equal to one of the languages listed in the Forum FAQ.


Generally, it is better to fix renaming problems such as capitalization on the highest level possible. So instead of fixing a link in an article, you should create a redirect to the proper page. For example, if there is a link to a page for [[Normal Mapping]], and it should be [[Normal map]], it is much better to go to the missing Normal Mapping page and type "#REDIRECT [[Normal map]]", to redirect it to the Normal map page, rather than edit the link itself. It is also possible to Move pages: If there is a page [[Normal Map]], that should be called [[Normal map]], it is better to alert a sysop or bureaucrat to Move the page, rather than copy, redirect, and paste- moving the page will keep the history, while creating a copy will not.

For Readers and Minor Edits

Someone's article has an error.

Feel free to fix it yourself if you know the answer (and the article is open for edits), contact the author to fix it, or alert Staff so they can correct the problem.

A page is missing

Pages with red links are missing. Many times, a page on the same topic with a different spelling will be available. In this case, you can Redirect the missing page to the proper page with #REDIRECT [[Proper Page]]. Content Staff should mostly do this (missing links are on the Special:Wantedpages page), but please do what you can to help.


Special Pages

Don't forget about the Special:Specialpages page. From it, you can see all sorts of important areas, such as where to upload a file, user lists, a list of Wanted pages and categories, articles in need of expansion, all categories, etc.

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