Hello All!

I’m happy to have come across this website, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all when the time’s right. We work on the staffing side of the industry, and represent all of the major studios, as well as many of the ambitious ‘new kids on the block.’ As everyone is aware in this industry, nothing lasts forever, and you never know what’s coming around the next corner, so we’re all about building longstanding relationships with the top talent to help make those transitions easy, and help present you with all the options that are out there.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your situation, whether you’re looking now, or 6 months, or years from now. We can keep an eye for an appropriate match when the times right.


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Hi folks! My name’s Andy Cook, and I’m the TA and Animator at the lone game company in Tulsa, OK: Tornado Studios/2015. I’ve been frequenting the site for awhile now, and I figured it was time to poke my nose in and say hi.

Great site, great info, and a ton of pros. Very impressive! :slight_smile:


Welcome Andy good to have you aboard!


Hey Everyone.

I thought I would say hello. My name is Stein Lagim and I have yet to break into this great industry, but looking at this awesome site I found a lot of good information.

I try to do a bit of both the technical and the animation side. Feel free to take a look at my current reels.


Again, a great site for information and seeing what other people are doing.




Kia ora,
I was listening to the Games Industry Mentor podcast which just had the admin(?) from here and he sounded pretty enthusiastic about this place, thought I’d drop by.

I’m in my final year for bachelor of Design, but leaning towards something like a TA, it really sounds like what I do best :slight_smile:

Looks good, might stick around :smiley:


Welcome Stein and Joel! This place is awesome.


Greetings. I’ve been lurking a while and finally signed up. This forum is a great resource for our field.




Finally joined the site and just wanted to say hi to everyone. I’ve been a Creatures TD for about 5 years now, working in movies, game cinematics and now teaching. I’ve done a lot of rigging, scripting, dynamics and some pipeline stuff. Currently I’m getting more into 3d Math and expanding my Python knowledge.

Hope to be able to add something to the community.


p.s. feel free to check out my reel at


Greetings everyone,i’m Lyno.
I’m an Assistant Project Manager,also do modeling(non-character),rigging(non-character),2dstoryboard and music & soundeffect as well.
It’s my third year as a CGer,glad to arrive here and pleasure to know everybody here too.Wish u all good luck.:nod:

import maya.cmds as mc
mc.mySkype = lynndarro
mc.myMSN = [email protected]


I used to make salt gazed ceramics before I retired. Back in the stone age I did a degree in computing : no monitors, no personal computers, enter the loader in binary on a switch register before it could load your program from punched paper tape. As Dilbert said “we only had ones and zeros and some days we didn’t have the ones.”

I am now hoping to use Maya to produce kinetic sculptures. I can program and am learning Python and Mel along with Maya. The last language I used was c (not c++) so object orientated programming is new to me.

This looks like a very useful site.



Hello, I’m Robert - a long time lurker. I recently started working as lead tech artist for Virtuos Games in Shanghai. As outsourcer we get most of our workflows and tools from our clients, so my main job is quickly getting into pipelines, passing the info on to our artists and making sure that the stuff we deliver works properly. So it’s much more support/troubleshooting focused rather than writing big artist tool suites for a huge project.




Hello, I’m Tyler. Those of you who were at GDC '10, I was (and still am, 24 hours later) one of the college students. Currently attending Ringling college of Art and Design, majoring in Game Art and Design. also, very excited to delve deeper into this stuff, loved meeting everyone, and can’t wait to get to problem solving


Hello, Im Tom. I am currently studying Digital film and animation technologies at a university in the uk. My main application is maya, but I am in the process of learning nuke too.

Also started learning python this year, really looking forward to getting back into it, had to put it on hold due to uni work.


Hi, I’m Jill. I’ve been in the industry since 2002. I worked tech support at Autodesk née Alias|Wavefront for about a year then worked at Turbine for three years. I am now at Blizzard. I rig characters, write very few tools mostly for myself to rig with, set up ragdolls, and do some FX. I have a degree in ceramics, too many cats, a low dexterity score, and a tendency to babble.


I feel like I should re-introduce myself. Most know me as Tim, but I shall henceforth be known as “Mr. Irrelevant.”



[QUOTE=anim8d;5638]I feel like I should re-introduce myself. Most know me as Tim, but I shall henceforth be known as “Mr. Irrelevant.”


You must be a Tech Animator, i’m guessing? :wink:


I am actually an automated version of myself.


Well geez… everyone’s in here introducing themselves so I should do the same.

My name’s Shawn and I’ve been in the industry since 2001 or so. I started off in film, got tired of film and went to EA, then Sony Online Entertainment, then Rockstar Games, then back to film and then some sub-contract stuff for Halo 3 cinematics before the mothership of Autodesk consumed me whole in 2007. These days I work as a product designer on Maya and am responsible for features that most of you break on a daily basis and blame me for and was also responsible for the design of the FBX Importer for the Unreal Engine (finally, something cool!).

I’m expecting Rob to step in here any moment now and give me another earful about Autodesk which sadly I can’t even argue against or say he’s wrong.


I’m Jason, programmer from Volition. Hello to everyone that I met at GDC, as well as everyone else here!


Hello I’m Erik, and I never intended to get into this industry at all… :laugh:

I started out as a modder, being one of the pioneers of Ghost Recon modding in 2001. Back then I was still working as a jet fighter technician and a lieutenant in the Air Force, and had no desire to change my line of work.

Then in 2002 the decision was made that the wing I worked at was to be closed. Bummer. So went back to school. As I figured I liked math before and had done some programming in Basic and Pascal back in the mid 90s, so I started on the road towards a 5 year masters in computer science while working as a bartender on the side. :p:

On my spare time I moved on to mod Neverwinter Nights and was drafted by a big mod group there called DLA, which got sub-contracted by BioWare for work on their Premium Modules. This and having taken the linear algebra and rendering programming classes got me more interested in 3D, so in 2005 I dropped out of computer science and switched school and education. :eek:

Now the goal was visual effects for movies, and the 3D education I did was very much aimed towards working with blue screen and compositing. Planing, shooting and compositing and cutting scenes with live actors and 3D. But when it was time for internships in late 2006 I was quite quickly snatched up by GRIN in Stockholm, then working on their second Ghost Recon game for Ubisoft and the prototype of Bionic Commando for Capcom. So that’s how ended up developing games for a living. :wink:

After my internship was over in 2007 the studio was growing rapidly and they needed more people on TA to run multiple projects, so I said that I was willing to give it a try… In 2009 I was given the Lead position so you could say they where pleased. :cool:

Now in 2010 I’m at Black Rock Studio in Brighton due to what happened to GRIN last year. Waiting for the tides to turn in the industry so I can move back home. :rolleyes: