i have a question…i’m new here and i’m really interest about ‘tech artists’ as a work and i’d like to know what programs are good to getting start…

i really appreciated your help

There are many threads about the subject. If you still need ideas, post a thread with a question. Welcome to TAO!


Hello everyone,

My name is Geoffrey Fulton and I am currently a tools programmer for BioWare Austin. Previously I was a tools programmer for Ready At Dawn and worked on God of War: Chains of Olympus for the PSP. I love working on tools (usually serving gameplay/design), but my favorite projects have always been those that interface with artists and art related assets.

Aside from coding tools I enjoy composing and recording electronic music, playing live music (bass/guitar/keys), programming synthesizers, writing, and film.

I have always wanted to get into rigging as well, so I may be pestering some of you here on these forums :slight_smile:

Take care,


Hi everyone, I’m Yan and i’m new here too.

I’ve been on the low level floor (and sometime under it) of video-game industry for some years. I initially got a degree at the NAD Center, 3D n gaming school in Montreal, where i worked for various start-up, some medium companie, my biggest being Ubisoft.

I’ve been game tester (a lot), install prog/manager, and finally made it to 3D modeler. I liked that position, until i realised i lacked 2 major skills needed in that profession… a “hey boss, look, I’m here, i work hard and late jusssst for you !” attitude and a drawing hand. I can draw… but if I draw a human, i end up with an alien… and i tried to draw an alien, i didnt got a human, i got what the first alien would consider an alien to him… hehe

So, after being laid off for slow-down in prod / lack of awesomeness, I did some other stuff… until someone whispered a name to my hear… Tech Artist…

Sound like a revelation, i’m a library rat, studied nuclear physics in high school, for fun, being playing inside computers since Dos 6.1, i’m the official tech support of the whole familly, disassembling laptop to clean the soda spill, i pluggeg LEDs on the printer port and used C n ASM to make them flash, and i draw better with a scale and a compas !

So here I am, at the begining. On the menu, rigging, Maxscript, shaders, and maybe C#
From that i read here, Python would be good too ?

I hope to one day get that job where i wont be working*

  • “Find a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”
    Confucius…551 to 479 BC

Hi, I’m Kevin Bjorke & I’ve been reading without posting for some time – I’m currently Sr Tech Artist @ Trion Worlds, and have been at quite a few places before, including Pixar, Square, NVIDIA, and others making games, movies, theme park rides, commercials, whatever needs pixels. Been programming since age eight or so, but went to Cal Arts.


Great to have you here, Kevin! Nice to “see” you again.


Hi there!

I’m Jonathan. I’d kind of heard of before, but had never actually checked the place out, and I wish I had. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually a super-junior 3D art intern working at a game dev studio in South Africa. I’ve got a maths degree, but none of the maths applications really interested me (because most of the ones we always heard about had to do with banks and investment, neither of which appealed to me). I wanted to do something I’d be happy to do all day, every day, even if I wasn’t paid much, and started an art degree in 3D. I’m interning right now during my holidays, and having hung around the programmers and the artists alike, I learnt a bit more about the role of technical artist.

Being on the tip of Africa, there aren’t many tech artists around from whom I can learn, so it’s such a boon to have found a forum like this. :smiley:


Hello everyone and nice to meet all of you here.
Happy New Year.


Hey All,

Thought i would say Hi after stumbling over the forum, I am an XSI td at Lionhead. Looking forward to conversing with like-minding people!



Hello Mike, I am nearby in sunny Sussex, this will be a good year for rigging! :smiley:


Hi, I’m new here. Hoping that I could gain more knowledge here. Looking forward to it.



Hi everyone, my name is Matt. I’m a lead multimedia designer at Grand Canyon University(for now) and do freelance commercial projects. I’m trying to get my skills up to nabb a position as a TD somewhere. I create media for online courses using Flash, Maya, and All Adobe products.I’m learning Python, am intermediate at MEL and know ActionScript3 and xml very well. Starting to write tools to speed up the pipeline here. I think this forum/community is awesome and hope to work with some of you some day!


Hi everybody, I’m Joe, I’m a student at VFS right now studying digital character animation. I have ambitions to be a TD or Tech Artist at some point but right now I’m just writing pymel scripts to make mine and my classmates lives easier.


Hi…dave here…was looking for some good technology based site…found this one through google. hope i will enjoy to stay here…:slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I’m Michael, I live in France and I’m looking for a position of environment artist in a video game development company (anywhere, but preferably in an english-speaking country).
This forum looks awesome, I’ve never seen so many people from famous game dev companies ^^
So if you are interested in my profile, please take a look at my online portfolio :
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Hey, figured I should sign up since I was encouraged to crash the party tonight at GDC. Jeremy (jerO) here who falls more in the hit-it-with-a-wrench-until-it-works troubleshooting and getting things working realm than the writing-scripts-and-making-everyone’s-job-easier category. I’ve done a lot of work as a generalist, preferring to focus on animation and VFX when possible.
Craziest “Surrounded by Awesome” gig: The Neverhood Chronicles.
Best Job Title / Biggest influence: Lead Animator on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
Currently doing environment work and VFX at startup that brought me back out to the Bay Area.


Didn’t even know this was here until I saw Jeremy post. :slight_smile:

My name’s John P. Neumann and I’m a former Marine, a father of two, a recent graduate and unemployed. :slight_smile: My focus has been on rigging and tool creation so I’m looking for a TD, TA, Rigger type position. I’ve written a few tools to make Animators lives easier and they’re hosted up at CreativeCrash.

I recently wrote a tool that allows you to code on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Netbook (things that don’t/can’t run Maya) device, upload the file to a Dropbox folder and then the file gets sent either to your local Python interpreter (allowing you to use your local libraries for testing) or to Maya and then it emails you the output from your script. I’m a workaholic/get ideas when it’s inconvenient so the idea spawned from that. I just added some new options to 0.4 so that’ll be live soon. I figure this would be a nice replacement for quick renders: save the file to your dropbox, it runs the script, you go to lunch, get the email that the render screwed up and you drop your cheeseburger and run back to the office (or in a perfect world, it went great and you finish your lunch knowing you have less work when you get back). :slight_smile:

Sorry for being long-winded. :slight_smile:


Hello Tech Artists,

I work at a small company in San Francisco (on a game called Natural Selection 2) and sort of morphed from a Production Assistant for the art pipeline into a do-what-I-can Technical Artist. I have a basic education in game art, rigging, and animation and I’m interested in seeing what this community can teach me about being a better TA and a more useful asset to my team.

Thanks in advance!


Hello everyone,

My name is Bryan, I’m a college student working towards my bachelor in Game Design and Development. I enjoy both the programming and art side of game development, and I can do those two things through by being a technical artist. I have experience in C#, C++, Java languages, I’m still the process of learning 3D modeling programs like Maya and scripting language with python. I have only found out about technical artists in the game industry only recently, and this forum has given me many information about technical artists. I’m very excited to be a part of this community, I hope to learn many things from this forum and to also contribute in anyway I can.

Thank you,


I work for Quantic Dream, a company based in France and I am part of the sets department. I worked on lighting and sets’ icing on Heavy Rain and now I am more into the ‘technical art’ part and I start working on Python basics. This forum looks like the right place to share ideas and knowledge.
Thank you.


Welcome Rankor!